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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: "Simply, I am a Survivor"

It's another blistering hot summer day as I sit and think about my beloved heroes of the past.  To me, it doesn't really matter which side of the "War of Northern Aggression" they believed in and fought.  To me, it's the blood that matters.

Recently, I found some interesting tidbits about Civil War cousin, Captain James GLENN of the PA 149th Co. D.  Click here to read more about his bravery and willingness to never give up the fight.

I also recently found the Civil War records of my great grandpa, George CALDWELL, who served the Yanks in the PA 102nd Infantry Co E.  Click here to read more of George's story.

Today, I found the information of the GAR Captain Thomas Espy Post 153 on the CarnegieCarnegie site of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in Carnegie, Allegheny, PA.  I've known of the membership of several of my cousins for quite some time and have found this band quite interesting.  I guess it is because I am related either through blood or marriage to many of them.  At the least, they were the comrades, the friends and the neighbors of my family.

The site is still under construction, but I took a gander and looked at cousin William James GLENN--  and found-----  his Personal War Sketch Questionnaire.  Pretty interesting stuff here.

William was a member of the PA 61st Regiment Co E. I found where he and grandpa were both at the battle of Fair Oaks on that fateful day, May 31, 1862, when grandpa George was injured. 

William was the first cousin, once removed, from Captain James GLENN and lived in the same general neighborhood and spent his youth in the same church.  After William's marriage in 1865 to Martha Doolittle, they attended the Presbyterian Church closer to home in Carnegie.

William and his wife broke tradition with the GLENN family in the final resting place they chose.  They are both buried in the Chartiers Cemetery in Carnegie.  Was it because Martha's dad, Jacob DOOLITTLE, is buried there with 2nd wife?  Martha's mom is buried at my family cemetery that most folks call the St Clair Cemetery. 

Or is it because William's folks decided to be buried at the Chartiers Cemetery?  I guess it was closer to the family homestead than trekking over to Mt Lebanon (five minutes by car, a lot longer by horse).  Never mind.  They are remembered and loved.

The most interesting part of the questionnaire was the last statement. 

"So many I can't remember them - I simply, reverently thank God, I am a Survivor."
William James GLENN 1839-1908

Ah, genealogy.  Perhaps ours words will one day echo those of cousin William J GLENN.  Perhaps your words already do.

©2010 AS Eldredge


Maggie said...

Great to read in your blog about William James Glenn.

We are filling in pieces about the Capt. Thomas Espy Post and its members here at the "Carnegie Carnegie."

Please get in touch. Do you have photos. Can you identify your ancestor from the photo of the veterans?

Come see the Post for itself...It's much more powerful than the website!

annie said...

Thanks for preserving the history of the Thomas Espy GAR Post. I would love to see the exhibit, but I am too far away to make the trip anytime soon.

I do have more on the several of the members of the post as they are related to me, one way or the other.