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Friday, May 25, 2007

Military Records For Memorial Day

As we approach Memorial Day and remember all of America's patriots, be
sure to take some time to look at largest collection of US Military
Records offered by The over 90 million names are
searchable and cover more than four centuries of our land and its

Included are the 1942-1945 military newsreels and The Stars and Stripes
newspapers. There are many more collections-- go see them and maybe,
find some kinsmen.

Through June 6- this collection is free to the public. I understand
the overwhelming demand for these records can make login a slow
process. Take your time. I also understand that some of the quality
of the newsreels is suspect, but the closeups are wonderful.

Just thought I'd pass this on--- no connection other than a love of
our country and a deep appreciation for all of her Armed Forces men and

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eastman's Newsletter: Important announcement by FamilySearch

An announcement has been made by Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
and I thought I'd pass it on. This has the potential to assist
millions of us in our efforts. I have no affiliation- just passing on
selected excerpts from the announcement. Please visit for
the complete announcement and commentary.
> FamilySearch Unveils Program to Increase Access to World's
> Genealogical Records
> Tidal Wave of Online Databases Will Result
> SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH-FamilySearch announced today its Records Access
> program to increase public access to massive genealogy collections
> worldwide. For the first time ever, FamilySearch will provide free
> services to archives and other records custodians who wish to
> digitize, index, publish, and preserve their collections. The program
> expands FamiliySearch's previously announced decision to digitize and
> provide online access to over 2 million rolls of copyrighted microfilm
> preserved in the Granite Mountain Records Vault. A key component of
> the program allows FamilySearch and archives to team with genealogy
> websites to provide unprecedented access to microfilm in the vault.
> The combined results ensure a flood of new record indexes and images
> online at and affiliated websites.
> For archives and heritage societies, the new program benefits include:
> Digitally capture, preserve, and publish records online
> Increase access to records while maintaining control and ownership
> Increase patronage and business viability
> Over 100 years of archival and publishing experience
> For genealogy websites, the new program helps them:
> · Benefit from the knowledge and relationships of FamilySearch with
> the archival community worldwide
> · Significantly lower costs associated with acquiring, preserving, or
> providing access to data
> · Increase business viability and website traffic
> · Leverage an open platform that develops value-added services around
> FamilySearch, the world's largest repository of genealogical data.
> FamilySearch will announce the first collaborative projects of its new
> Records Access program during the National Genealogical Society (NGS)
> Convention in Richmond, Virginia, the week of May 14, 2007. Many more
> project announcements are expected in the following months.
> Record custodians and archives that would like additional information
> regarding the FamilySearch Records Services can contact Wayne Metcalfe
> ( and genealogy web service providers
> should contact Dave Harding (
> FamilySearch (historically known as the Genealogical Society of Utah)
> is a nonprofit organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of
> Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch maintains the world's largest
> repository of genealogical resources accessed through
>, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and
> over 4,500 family history centers in 70 countries.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Remember Mama

All across America, mothers wake up on this day, Mother's Day, with
hugs and kisses from their young children. Breakfast is lovingly and
painstakingly made by little hands. Gifts and cards may be store
bought or handmade. What means the most is the love. Remember mama.

It was a usual sight for a visitation the night before a funeral. The
proverbial old ladies sitting next to the casket while family members
and friends mingled, hugged, and shed tears of sadness. Such was the
scene at the recent funeral of my mother's sister, the last of their
generation to leave us. While it was a sad occasion and many tears
fell, there was also laughter to be heard. People remembered my aunt
with love and laughter. And most of all, they remembered mama.

The visitation room in which my aunt lay at the Charleston funeral home
was built by my grandfather, Sebastian Cabot Poston. The funeral
director was most anxious that the family know this-- and know that
they remembered my family. What a comfort it was for the family to
know his daughter was in a place he had known well and lovingly built
about 50 years ago.

I introduced myself to the old ladies in attendance as Louise's
sister's child. Ears perked up, eyes glistened, and these beautiful
gentile women spoke lovingly to me. They knew my name, and they
remembered mama. While my mother has been gone for many a year, they
brought her back to me that night. They spoke of the times when they
were all young girls together. They made my laugh and cry.

These same women sat directly behind me at my aunt's funeral and spoke,
yet again, of my mother and the past. At the reception after the
service, I had a blessing bestowed on me. People remembered mama. And
it was all with love in their voices. They remembered my grandmother
and spoke of her love for her Lord and gave me more memories which are
now in my heart.

I remember mama. I remember the unconditional love, the way she
couldn't tell a joke, the way she and my dad would waltz, the times
when I thought her rules were way too strict, her love of God, her love
of family, her unfailing support of her children and her husband, the
way my head and heart felt when I rested on her shoulder, the way she
taught us to live, and the way she taught us how to die. Oh yes, I
remember mama.

Why do I get a kick out of genealogy? It's my way to preserve the
history of the family. It's my way to see how my ancestors lived.
It's my way to try and understand the sacrifices made by our ancestors
so we may flourish. It's been my blessing to see how much faith has
been a part of the family. It's my way to teach my children.

Oh yes, I remember mama. And through me, my children are given a
strong sense of who they are and who she was. Oh yes, I remember mama.
I miss her terribly but her love is with me always. Yes, I remember