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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday: DAR-ing to Dig Up the Proof

Genealogy buffs and searchers of family history generally love to dig in the past.  Looking for the absolute definitive proof to prove a theory can be frustrating.  Finding the proof is thrilling.

Many thanks will go the ladies of the Daughters of the American Revolution as their new project on proving the past takes root.  The DAR has undertaken the task of reviewing the patriots whose either service,location or lineage has been questioned over the years.

These questions arose when an applicant tried to join the DAR using faulty information. The end result was the denial of the applicant or the patriot's line would be closed to future applicants.  Those of us who have run across some of these old closed lines have pulled our hair out in vain.  And, of course, there were those instances in the past when applicants were accepted in the DAR using bad information.  Now, those are the cases that can really get under the skin of dedicated, diligent family history researchers. 

I applaud the DAR for changing how applications were reviewed some 40 years ago.  They have worked hard to identify problems with the information being sent to them by unsuspecting applicants.

Today, I applaud the DAR for their new project they call the Cold Closed Cases Project.  Volunteers within the ranks of the DAR will be going back to take a look at these "questionable" patriot lines.  Analysis of the old records will be used to try and determine what caused these patriots' lines to be closed. 

Then, the fun begins.  These wonderful women volunteers will spend countless hours researching these old patriots using the technology of today to dig up the definitive proof of the service or lineage.  Hopefully, a new number of old patriot lines will be reopened for applicants.  To date, some two dozen patriots of the American Revolution can once again have their daughters enter the DAR.

Ahh, genealogy.  Ain't volunteers grand?

©2013 AS Eldredge

Monday, February 25, 2013

Madness Monday Mourning

Losing a member of the family is heartbreaking.  How is it that your heart can break while your lungs are constricting the life giving air in to your body?

After a week of mourning for my dearly beloved pet, who was a full fledged member of my family for the last nine years, the fog is beginning to rise.  Even though waves of despair and sadness still can overwhelm my household in a blink of an eye, the acknowledgement of the sun rising is a daily event.

I spent some time looking for an appropriate memorial piece for my beloved pet and I do believe I have sniffed it out.  We are looking at a laser engraved pendant which can be worn close to our hearts.  My daughter spent many therapeutic hours sifting through the pictures of our beloved pet when he was young, healthy and so very full of life.  Together, we laughed and cried at the memories of our sweet boy.

After a week of searching, the best picture has been chosen.  Now, I will send it off today to the engraver and will eagerly await its arrival next week.

What a great memorial gift this is.  I realized I could also have one made of my dearly departed parents or grandparents.  Why, the list is endless.

Whose image would you choose to wear close to your heart when you can no longer hug them or tell them how much you love them?  Wouldn't it be cool to have their images engraved on something else, say, a piece of rock or glass?

Ahh, genealogy.  Sometimes, just the thought of the dearly departed can make you smile while the tears trickle down.

©2013 AS Eldredge