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Friday, February 05, 2010

"Ancestry": A Poem Published Almost 100 Years Ago

While continuing on my journey in to the past with old Pittsburgh newspapers, my attention was directed to the following poem. Enjoy.

Author Unknown

I was proud of the distinguished ancestry;
Of lineage I made a fad-
Of course, I only read of them,
Knew not even good or bad.
I thought of how William the Conqueror
Brought the head of my house from France:
Ormonde, the duke, whose name I bear,
Who came to Ireland by chance.

What joy if I could discover
That some forbear of mine
Had bravely fought the Caracen
On the fields of Palestine:
But this is a practical age,
And my children, with look intent,
Say, "Pa, you had better forget it-
It'll never bring you a cent."

Just below the poem is the following which is sure to bring a smile to your face:

She Keeps Tab All Right

"I wonder if your sister realizes, Johnny, that during the last three months I have spent many dollars in sweets on her?"
"I'm sure she does Mr Sweetly; that's why she's not letting on she's engaged to Mr. Bigger."- New York Mail

Source: The Pittsburgh Press, Apr 29, 1912

Old newspapers are such a kick- for a smile, genealogy or even just a glimpse into a long ago way of life.


Claudia's thoughts said...

Just came upon your blog. I also am working on my genealogy from Allegheny County. I appreciate all the work that is being done to index. This is an insurmountable project. I was also wondering how in the world people find the time to do that.

Another thought that occurred to me was how many people on the Allegheny County List have their own blog. Is there a list of them?
That particular group is one of the best that I have found. Very helpful.


Anonymous said...


You are so right when you say the death index for Allegheny Co, PA is a big project. It really took off. In the last 2 weeks, we have uploaded over 6000 newspaper entries of deaths. In addition, this project has also expanded into a new marriage index.

How do we find the time? Let's see. Ignore cooking, cleaning :).......

We're having a great time and I agree, the mail list for Allegheny Co is tops. I don't know if there is a place listed with blogs for Allegheny Co. Guess we could ask the list!

Let me know if you find some kin in our project or if you want to help, as it is my baby.

A S Eldredge

Robert Koehler said...

Anne - my name is Robert Koehler, I am the cousin who sent you the info on Wampage. I was doing research on Wampage and came across your blog indicating that you did indeed receive the information I sent you - I was quite happy to hear that! Great to finally find you!

Anonymous said...

RK-- Please give me a contact for you.

A S Eldredge