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Friday, September 03, 2010

Are Your Aliens Lost?

Have you ever thrown your hands up in despair when the trail to your early family leads nowhere?

I suspect every family researcher suffers that same feeling as we exclaim, "They were aliens! Came to earth in between the census years, procreated, and left."

Of course, it is even more frustrating to know where they were at any given time in history, but be unable to document it legally.  Oh, why couldn't they leave wills?  Why didn't they prepare when they knew their life expectancy was limited?

Another genealogy buff just sent this and I thought you'd like to see it, too.  Perhaps, this could be of value to those who are searching for their own personal alien from 1798-1828.

Go to the National Archives and check their landing records.  Landing records were kept in the United States for aliens who desired to be naturalized.  This could lead to a great find!

Here is the link to check it out:

Ahh, genealogy.  Guess we were all aliens at one time. 

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