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Friday, September 24, 2010

Lost in Memory Lane

Fall has come and now it is time for the cleaning to begin.  I've got to put up all the reminders of long, hot, lazy summer days.  Gone are the beach towels, bathing suits and sunscreen.

In are the new school pictures of the kids. While I was adding the new pictures this morning, I took time to look at all of the school pictures behind the current one.  Smiles and memories flood me as I look at those precious children who are now so grown up.

I paused and remembered my childhood.  How much fun it was to go into my parents' room and look at the pictures in the frames.  I liked to take them apart and look for any treasured pictures that were behind the photograph they had on display.  Many a time, I found pictures of my parents when they were younger, and sometimes, I found pictures of my siblings and me when we were just little sprouts.  Those fancy Easter Sunday dresses and ill fitting suits for the boys.  Just thinking about those old photographs today set me on a course of thinking and remembering the past. 

I so miss the hugs, the dogs, my grandmother, my grandfather, and most of all, my parents.  I guess I'll spend some more time on Memory Lane today, before I get too old to be able to retell those old stories to my kids.

Ahhh, genealogy.  Ain't it a sight for sore eyes!

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