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Monday, January 07, 2008

Got An Itch?

First, let me give credit where it is due. Bob, my delightful cousin
from the last posting, said, "You really raise some genealogical
"itches" with your writings!"

I've never really thought of genealogy as an "itch," but it sure is
one! The best way to fix that "itch" is to scratch. Scratch around
the old files and find new clues.

Yesterday, someone led me to a posting about George Washington's
early PA lands. The author recounted how a docent at Mount Vernon
talked about Washington selling some of his PA holdings when he
needed some money for Mount Vernon after the Revolution. This led a
descendant of one of the men involved with Washington's selling of
the land to show an old article which is a second hand account heard
from some of the participants.

Not only does this article talk about the events surrounding
Washington's claim to the land, he also talks about some of the
participants coming to America. Change the names and you've got my
family. Now, I wonder if I need to research their story even more.
In the article, the author gives a point of departure from Ireland as
well as a date. He also gives the point of entry into the colonies.
The time frame and location fit my family. I think I will now look
to see if I can find a manifest of any ship coming or going at that
time. Who knows-- this could be a break for which I have been
searching for a number of years.

If you want to read the article, let me know and I'll direct you to
it. It was first presented in Ohio in 1929. The descendant has
been in direct communication with me as I was able to tell him that
I, too, have an ancestor who was on the wrong side of the George
Washington land claim. We're now trying to determine if we share
some kin. We certainly shared land up in PA in the 1780s. He has
some REED kin that he hasn't really delved into yet. I have REED kin
as David REED b. 1774 did marry an aunt of mine. Oh, by the way, it
was some of David REED's elders, conveniently named David as well,
who were also involved in the Washington land claim. I even hear
there is a historical marker on the site when Washington came to
dinner at David REED's to discuss the issue at hand.

I'll dig up the details from the Washington land claim so you can
read them. It really is interesting to review.

In the meantime, let me go scratch my itch and learn more about some
early ship arrivals into this great land of ours.

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