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Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is etched into my memory. Tis the day my parents were married,
oh, so many years ago. As you are looking into your family history,
don't neglect to talk with the living. I remember my mother telling
me stories about her wedding. I remember her telling me stories
about the family.

Write these stories down for those who will follow in your shoes.
Write these stories down and pass them on to your children, and to
the family story teller in your life. What gems these become for the
children, the grandchildren, and for the future. Let your
descendants know how you laughed, you cried, you lived and loved.

As for my dad's thoughts about his marriage, he once told me he never
considered divorcing my mother. Murder, perhaps. But never
divorce. My dad was a man who truly loved and respected his wife.
What a great legacy for me and mine.

What a great legacy you too can share.

So, Happy Anniversary to my dear parents. I only wish I could tell
you in person. Just know I remember. I remember the love, the
laughter, the tears. And I am writing down your stories of the past
for the future.

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