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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Genealogy for beginners

I spent some time today wandering around one of the subscription
services looking for the residence of one of the widows in my
family. Mary Emma became a widow in 1869, when her husband, the
younger brother of my 2g grandmother, died while on a trip to the
Holy Land. We're now investigating the boat Uncle Bob was on when he
went on his journey. If we are correct, there may have been contact
with a really cool famous American author on it. One of my cousins
has promised to dig up the letter he has from Uncle Bob's trip.

Thanks to my newly in real time met cousin, I have documentation from
1872 indicating Mary Emma was living in Mt Washington, Allegheny,
PA. So far, the census records have not been helpful. I guess I'm
going to have to send for her obit. I know, from other sources, that
she slipped and died in the bathtub. I just recently found she died
in 1918. So, more clues to follow. Another day, another clue.

Have you been infected with the overwhelming desire to find out more
about your grandma or grandpa? If you need some instructions on
getting started, there is a free Intro to Genealogy class on the
internet. I haven't taken it so I can't say if it is really worth it
or not. If you are interested, check out the
site. And if you do take it, let me know if you found it helpful.

In the meantime, I'll keep looking for more information on Mary Emma
as well as all the other slippery kin in my story.

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