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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon

Have you ever felt an "aha" moment when you finally connected the dots between families in your past?  It appears that every will, every probate, every land transaction I come across in the old Pittsburgh area leads me to connect dots or relationships between early families in the neighborhood.

Just the other day, I posted a connection between Adam POTTER and Henry POTTER.  To my surprise, a cousin of mine emailed to tell me she also had a connection to Adam POTTER as a named guardian in a will.

Here is her excerpt:  ..."my greatx5 grandpap Charles McMILLEN, who I think is a brother or nephew of our Thomas McMILLEN and Margaret (McMILLEN) HENRY, had two daughters, Mary McMILLEN(b 1800) and Elizabeth McMILLEN(B 1799), and the sisters grew up to marry two brothers, James OBNEY and William OBNEY of Robinson Twp.  These guys had a younger brother named Richard McClure OBNEY who lived in N Fayette Twp, and when Richard OBNEY died in 1852, he named ADAM POTTER as the guardian of his minor son, Sanford OBNEY, who later died in the Civil War 1862."

JoAnn also likened our genealogy search to the game "Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon", where movie buffs try to link Kevin Bacon to other actors by identifying movies which tie the actors together.

So, I thought that we could do that as well.  The rules had to change a bit as our family is not in the movies.

The rule change is simple in this version of the game.  I will connect my family to Kevin Bacon using movies and film locations, instead of just actors.

Here it goes:

Kevin Bacon  to Brad Pitt in Sleepers (1996)   --  No. 1
Brad Pitt to Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black (1998)    -- No. 2
Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the Lambs (1991)   --  No. 3
Silence of the Lambs partially filmed at Morganza in Washington Co, PA  -- No.4
Land for Morganza sold by Wesley GREER  -- No. 5
Wesley GREER's sister in law, Marguerite CLARK is my 2C3R  -- No. 6

Ta da!

And just so there is no confusion, I do relate to Art CLOKEY who gave us all that wonderful character, Gumby.  Or rather, I am related to Joseph CLOKEY who adopted Art.

Ahh, genealogy.  Who knew it could be so fun or hip?

©AS Eldredge 2012

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just read with interest your column about your 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, and was reminded of a similar thing with my mom's family and Kevin Bacon. Last winter while watching Henry Louis Gates' genealogy I was astounded to see that we are sort of related!
His Atkinson Quaker ancestor was my 6th great grandmother, Ruth Stacy Beakes Atkinson's second husband. -Cuz E