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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Potter, You Say?

Stories about the olden times and the settling of America are fascinating.  Ok, so maybe some of them are more fascinating than others, and some comments from the readers can catch my attention.

Recently, I wrote about little Isabella POTTER, the daughter of Henry POTTER.  As written about in some early history books of the area, little Isabella was captured by the Indians at the tender age of 10 and lived "a life of drudgery" before she was released.  As I researched the story sent to me by a cousin of mine who is directly descended from Isabella, I realized I had a double connection to little Isabella.  Now, they are both by marriage, but can you imagine the stories told 'round the old fireplace at night?  Can you imagine how Isabella and her clan most likely did not like or trust the Indians?  Can you imagine what they felt when they were rescued?

Back to the moment at hand. Little Isabella grew up and married Robert BIGHAM.  Among other children who I have not researched, they had a son, Robert, and a daughter, Jane.  The son, Robert, was born in April 1805 in Moon Twp, Allegheny, PA and married Jane GLENN (1812-1889.)  Jane is my 1C4R.  In other words, she and share a grandpa--  Her paternal grandfather is my 4g grandpa, who is buried at the St Clair Cemetery in Mt Lebanon, Allegheny, PA.

Just to add fun in to how I relate the family, I also have a cousin, Rachel DICKSON (1820-1909) who married Robert POTTER (abt 1815-1887.)  They are both buried in the Chartiers Cemetery, Allegheny Co, PA.  Rachel's grandfather is the same man who is the grandfather of Jane who married Robert and my 4g grandpa.  Robert POTTER is the son of Adam POTTER, who I suspect is the brother of Henry POTTER.

So, to the kind person who commented they were related to Henry POTTER and asked how I was related, I hope this answers your question.  Now, how are you related?  And what fun facts or stories can you add to the genealogy branches?
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