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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Playing Your Song for Eternity?

This morning, before the caffeine hit the bloodstream, I received a weird story from one of my genealogy buds.  Could it be an early Halloween joke?  It appears there is a company across the pond who will immortalize people or pets by pressing their cremated remains into a vinyl record.

Vinyl record?  This group even offers album cover art with either a photograph of the dearly departed or a painting.  Customize the album with a last message, will, directions, or music and you're ready to go.

After I chuckled at the grim reaper and blood spatters on the website, I wondered how many people could even play a vinyl record.  I think I have a record player tucked away somewhere deep in the dungeon here at the house.

I kind of like the idea of leaving a recording of my voice for my future family members, but I think I will just turn on my video camera for the occasion.  And, my family can always raid the computer and old photograph album books for numerous examples of my smile.

I think I will pass on the offer to spend eternity pressed on a vinyl record.  I think I would rather be pressed into the heart and memories of my loved ones.

Ahh, genealogy.  And the beat goes on.........

©2010 AS Eldredge

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