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Monday, January 04, 2010

And the Gift Keeps On Coming

I sort of fell into genealogy about 15 years ago and admittedly have a strong addiction. Just ask my family- close or distant blood!

I've been working with a gent for about four years now on my blood. He's been a real gem in my quest to learn, and to learn more about my blood. Click here to read a previous post on my buddy.

Well, today, he offered another gift. Oops, I should back up a few months.

My buddy and I have been searching for the proof that his blood runs in my veins. Finally, we found a living breathing male with the correct surname in both our families who were willing to take the DNA test. This would tell the tale.

The tale, or rather fact, of the matter is to our knowledge we share not one itty bitty drop of blood.

He has finally decided he didn't need to run the online tree of the family, so today, he offered it to me. I accepted. In a day or so, the newly owned tree will be available on ancestry for all to see. Of course, it's been there the whole time. It's just now going to be updated by a common gene seeker.

As for my buddy? He's gained a place in my heart and I will continue to refer to him as my "kinda cousin." After all, he's the one who was able to lead me in the right direction in my personal quest of Wall Street John.

Thanks, Bill, for the gifts of knowledge, time, and friendship. I look forward to continuing our "kinda cousin" relationship.

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