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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Constitution, My Family Fought for It

Today, September 17, 2009, marks the 222nd anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. Hip, hip, hooray.

It's a great day, even if the majority of Americans don't know the significance of today. How important is the Constitution?

Considering it is the basis of our government and reflects the ideals of freedom of the 55 delegates who participated in the Constitutional Convention in 1787, I'd have to say the Constitution is super. It is the oldest document of its kind still in use today in the world and is the shortest at 4400 words.

The men who debated the issues of our freedoms and limited government were able to frame a bedrock for a government that has lasted. If it is to continue to survive, we as Americans must strive to defend it and protect it.

How important is the Constitution? Colonists committed treason against the King of England and demanded freedom from an overbearing government who sought to tax and tax again. The colonists were willing to give up their fortunes and lives for their beliefs.

How important is the Constitution? My family fought for the colonies' quest for freedom over 200 years ago and still fight today for our wonderful country and to defend our freedom.

So, yeppers, the Constitution is highly important. It's important enough that Americans have shed their blood for it, then and now.

My thirst for knowledge for my roots has inspired me to learn. Not only do I learn of my past through genealogy, I also learn of my past by learning history. After all, America's history is the story of my family as well.

So how important is the Constitution? It's important enough that I will bow my head in prayer as I pray for the future of our country and those who defend it.

Today in particular, I say a prayer of thanks-- thanks to our patriots, past and present.

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