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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Genealogy Day!

Who knew?  Who knew that today, March 13, is National Genealogy Day?  It's certainly not listed on my calendar.  But then, everyday is genealogy day for me.

I spent countless hours trying to feed my addiction, er, hobby.  It's funny.  My spouse approved of it when I started back in 1995.  You see, the ever supportive spouse thought it would be a cheap hobby which would fill some time left void by my becoming unemployed (by choice.)

Oops.  Now 15 years later and countless dollars and hours gone, what can I say?

I love it and I truly feel like I discover a bit of my inner soul every time I uncover a tidbit.  Along the way, I've also uncovered cousins and have many new friends as a result of our shared blood.

So, Happy Genealogy Day!

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