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Monday, April 21, 2008

History Lives in the Heart--- Everyday for 40 Years

I love genealogy, today and everyday. It's a fascinating passion for
me. My family history lives in my heart.

Today, I received a press release from Florida regarding a cousin of
mine. His passion is also history, whether it be our family or our
country. Today, I must acknowledge my delightful cousin who always
inspires me in my search and who is always stretching my boundaries
in genealogy. Today, I must acknowledge one of the few people who
truly share my love of digging around in the family cemetery for
clues, and who is always willing to meet me there. Today, I must
acknowledge a man who lives his conviction of God, home and country.

John A. Williams Jr has just received recognition from the Sons of
the American Revolution for 40 years of faithful membership. John
said, "If we don't know how this country was started, the history
that has brought us to this date, then how can we intelligently plan
for the future?"

Cousin John, you are a true American Patriot. Cousin John, you
inspire me. Cousin John, I'm proud to share our roots together in
Allegheny Co, PA, where our grandpas John HENRY (1750-1838), James
GLENN (1750-1813) and John Simmons, Jr (1761-1843) were our patriots.

Most importantly, I look forward to the next time we can raise a
toast to our ancestors. I look forward to the phone call with the
statement, "I think I've found something."

I look forward to find the past.

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