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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Follow the Trail

"How's your family research coming along?", asked one of my
acquaintances the other evening as her eyes were twinkling. Did she
sense my slight hesitation as I blurted out my reply? "Just fine,
thank you." I waited. She blushed and said, "I've found something
and I want to show it to you." Ah. No wonder she expressed an
increased interest into my hobby. She's found a trail.

Boy, oh boy, she does have a find. It's a picture from 1905 of about
two dozen or so children in school within the area now known as
Peachtree City. Why, that certainly predates the town's known
educational system! We studied the picture, and noticed the children
appear to range in age from about 6 to about 16. We noticed the bare
feet. We noticed the fancy clothes. We laughed as we noticed the
looks on some of the faces.

What next? Follow the trail!!!! Dig up the census for the area in
which the school was located. Find the families in the area in the
1910 census. Find the land owners surrounding the area. Locate the
local church records for that time. I suspect the names Huddleston,
Brown and Gray will show up.

I'll be meeting with my friend next week and spend some time with her
working on this project. We'll be thrilled as we attempt to unravel
as many clues as we can about the photo. I imagine you'll even hear
laughter erupt as we narrow down the suspects.

If you're of old Fayette County blood, contact me. Perhaps, I'll
have some happy trails for you to investigate. Perhaps, I'll have
some trails uncovered. In any event, follow the trail. You never
know where it will lead.
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