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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Honor Thy Flag

Summer, the time of year my children love. It means sleeping late,
playing at the pool, and assisting in volunteer work. I'm a firm
believer that children need to learn about giving their time and
talents to helping others. My children are well versed in helping
others. My children have also had the added benefit of learning much
about their own heritage as they have assisted me in my genealogical

One child of mine recently volunteered in Fayette County by cleaning
off old graves at a neglected cemetery. The graves were cleaned so
they could be catalogued and digitized. As we wandered around this
old cemetery, we noted the presence of at least two of America's
soldiers. One was from the American Revolution and the other was from
the War of the Recent Unpleasantness. These men and their families
came to Fayette County after the Creek Indians ceded their lands to the
young American government.

Who were these families who helped to form Fayette County? One was the
James Waldrop family, who fought for the Virginia Colony during the
American Revolution. The other family, the James Bottoms Family, is
reputed to have bought land in the county in the 1840s. George, a
descendant of James Bottoms, is the other American Patriot who is
buried here. Both of these men fought for their flag. Both men were
willing to sacrifice everything they had for their flag. Both of these
men survived the wars and lived out their lives in Fayette County.

America's flag, our flag, has its own special day this week. June 14th
will mark the 230th anniversary of "Old Glory's" adoption by Congress.
Salute your flag and remember all of America's patriots and the
sacrifices they made. Pray for the safety of America's military today
as they fight to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. Remember, they fight
today in the hopes their children and grandchildren won't have to
fight. They fight today so their children and grandchildren can enjoy
sleeping late and playing at the pool.

Over the next several months, I will be looking into these two families
to see what we can learn from them. I'll be sure to keep you updated
so you, too, can learn about early Fayette County residents. In the
meantime, honor thy flag.

Happy Birthday "Old Glory".

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