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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Morning Routine

The morning routine. Don't you just love it? Part of my morning
routine includes going online and checking my email. I have to admit I
do have the tendency to check the postings from one of the genealogy
sites to which I subscribe before I check the daily chatter from
friends and family.

The other morning as I sat drinking my morning caffeine, I saw the
daily obituary posting on one of these sites. Before we get morbid,
let me explain that these postings are the work of a very dedicated
lady in the Pittsburgh area who has access to a local paper from the
1890-1930ish time frame. Everyday, she painstakingly transcribes
articles of genealogical interest. Over time, Victoria has posted
tidbits, which reach out and grab my attention.

Just last week, her post was from Nov. 1, 1907. The part that caught
my eye read "Mrs. Joseph REED and Mrs. Jennie SMALL attended the
funeral of Mrs. GLENN in Carnegie." WOW!! That one small sentence
started me on a mission, which in the space of a few days has led me to
identify someone else's collateral line, which collides with my own.

I am related to the GLENN family from Carnegie. I knew who Mrs. GLENN
was who died in 1907. She was the wife of William James GLENN
(1839-1908), my 2nd cousin 3 times removed. So, now I had to look for
the identities of the other two ladies. I contacted Victoria who sent
me yet another obituary- this time for Jennie SMALL. By using this
obituary and the census records, I found her!! Jennie SMALL
(1857-1927) was the daughter of Robert SMALL and Nancy CUBBAGE. Nancy
CUBBAGE was the aunt of Mrs. Martha E DOOLITTLE GLENN, through Martha's
mother, who was a CUBBAGE. Confusing, isn't it. But wait, there's
more to this story.

I let Victoria know I had nailed down the identity of Jennie SMALL.
Upon doing so, another researcher contacted me and asked if I knew who
her Mary CUBBAGE's parents were. By checking the probate records and
the earlier research posted at the St. Clair Cemetery site, I was able
to deduce that Mary CUBBAGE's parents were most likely James
CUBBAGE(1777-1854) and Jane GILFILLAN(1784-1861). I passed along the
information I had—and-- bingo--- another successful hit!! Now this
other researcher has a whole new bloodline to search. The bonus is that
it collides with my own bloodline.

This morning as I drank my morning caffeine, Victoria made yet another
posting. This time it was from February 1907 and it mentioned that the
daughter of the deceased was a Mrs. John CUBBAGE. More time spent
digging in the census records led me to determine that this John
CUBBAGE was indeed the great-grandson of George CUBBAGE and Nancy
CALDWELL. Oh yes, the same George CUBBAGE and Nancy CALDWELL that were
the parents of Nancy CUBBAGE SMALL and of Sarah CUBBAGE DOOLITTLE.

The clues are there. Just take the time to absorb them and let them
lead you to other finds. The morning routine sometimes just isn't so
routine after all.

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