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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sewing the Seeds Again and Again

I watched as my spouse, yet again, threw out more grass seed, a
biannual event at my house. A few minutes later, the birds swooped
down and started to enjoy their unexpected treat. I wonder how many of
those seeds will take root and sprout, or just disappear into the
bellies of those who just want a quick treat.. Just like my research
into my family. It seems as if I constantly am throwing out those
seeds. Sometimes I wait and wait to see if they will sprout.
Sometimes, I just have to do it over. And sometimes, I get lucky.

As many of you are aware, I am heavily involved in what I like to call
my family cemetery in PA. Now, technically, it is not mine, but I have
loads of kin all buried there since its inception in 1804-06. I try to
research the various families buried there and have this information
published at the cemetery website. I truly enjoy being able to assist
someone else as they try to locate their kin there.

One day, I got an email from the web mistress who asked me if I would
look at the information that a lady in Sweden sent. She believed her
family was there even as the web mistress warned me not to get excited
as she was not kin to me. One look at the names and I knew exactly
where these people were buried. They are buried quite close to some of
my family plots. I contacted the lady in Sweden and we began a
dialogue. Turns out that we have cousins in common. We were able to
help each other in tracing the children and grandchildren to Christian
Co, IL from this plot of land in PA. Not only that, but this lady in
Sweden said she would help me in locating my mother's family in Sweden.
Now that was a find!! Especially since I don't speak Swedish!! She
researched the records for me and a few months later, we contacted
living cousins of mine in Sweden. I'm pleased to say that my Swedish
cousins can speak some English and we correspond on a regular basis.
Oh those little seeds sprout big sometime. Who would think I would
find my mother's family in Sweden through the cemetery where my
father's people are buried in PA? Amazing little seeds of hope.

So, my wish for you as you continue in the search for your own roots as
you throw out those many seeds is this. Volunteer to help others in
their quest. You just never know when one of those little seeds will
take root and sprout a whole new tree for you to learn about. It's
amazing to think how much can happen from just one little seed of hope
in finding your past.

Happy Holidays.

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