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Monday, November 14, 2011

Confirmed: Grandpa Fought with Francis Marion

Revealing new evidence of rumors gone wild can be frustrating or it can be a shot of adrenaline.  As a teenager, I remember seeing the evidence from my dad's bloodline that documented a patriot in the American Revolution.  That name and line was drilled into my memory banks.  At the time, my mother also said her family fought in the American Revolution as well and, it was under Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.

Fast forward to the present.  I had followed my mother's bloodline and not found any evidence to support this wild rumor.  Sure, her family lived in the general area of the Swamp Fox and they were certainly there at the time, but that was it.

Until a couple of weeks ago....

I was looking at her family once again just because I hadn't for some time.  I have found that stepping back and giving time to the many thoughts can sometimes assist me in opening my eyes.  Opening eyes and new ways of thinking can also lead to new evidence.


This time, I found a pension for the lovely widow, Prudence COLEMAN (d. 1841).  Now, I've known about Prudence for some years as she is my  4g-grandmother.  I had painstakingly traced the lines back with as much documentation as I could locate.  I have yet to find her maiden name, but there is still hope in my heart.

There it was from NARA.  A pension applied for by the widow of Robert COLEMAN (1755-1825).  Who knew this process would continue after her 1841 death?  The record group is No. 15, W23858.  This wonderful pension supplied the date of marriage and verified the names of the children.  Yipee, this confirms my research.

According to the affidavits found in the pension application, grandpa Robert served the American interests under the command of Captains Simonds and Witherspoon.  He also served in Brandon's Regiment in Marion's brigade.  He was in several skirmishes including the memorable Battle of Fort Moultrie near Charleston.  Grandpa was also sent by Francis Marion as a scout in pursuit of the British and Tories around Monck's Corner.

With my blood soaring again, I read each page of the pension application and used it to further document the line.  How much more fun can a genealogy buff have?

Another day, another super find.  Mama's words are proven true yet again.

Ahh, genealogy.   If only I could hear them from her lips again.

©2011 AS Eldredge

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