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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cooking in The Past

Have you ever noticed the warm comforting feeling you get when you eat your favorite foods?  Have you noticed that eating certain foods can bring up some really fond memories?

Even though I never knew my great grandmother, thoughts of her come racing through my veins every time I eat her special mayo recipe that I use in a salad recipe.  Yep, breaking all those eggs and taking the time to recreate her recipe just makes me hum and smile all day.

I also am fortunate enough to have a cookbook of my grandmother's.  This cookbook is also the source of fond memories as I did know her sweet smile.  How I smile each time I glance at her handwriting and look at the pages she turned so lovingly by hand.  The handwritten notations on the pages of "grand" and "simply grand" result in her face floating in the air and me feel like I've just gotten a great big hug.

This wonderful old cookbook, Rumford Complete Cook Book, has my grandmother's handwritten notes and is dated January 21, 1926.  The Rumford book was published as early as 1908 and was in production for about 40 years.  I even found evidence of my mom learning to cook with this cookbook when I found her name, signature and a date.

As for me, I hope my kids will think kindly of me as they grow up and remember "Mom"s Homemade Secret Recipe for Red Velvet Cheesecake." After all, I do make each Valentine's Day.

Ahh, genealogy.  How easy it is to find our roots in the food the eat!

©2011 AS Eldredge

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