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Saturday, April 24, 2010

When the World is Covered in Gray

My dear sweet cousin who shares my addiction to searching our past in genealogy to try and catch glimpses of ourselves wrote this  poem and I just love it!  So, with John's gracious permission-----

 When the World is Covered in Gray

In a thousand years from hence,  
there may be no more trees.
Will concrete cover the world of sense
and obscure the seven seas?

Do!  Environmentalists criticize the type
and thickness of the stuff,
which caused this great unworldly hype!
We thought you a bit more tough!

Is the mathematical limit of our quest
to find the Truth, the Light---
Or a barren earth with no more zest,
for FREEDOM, no more fight?

Will love then disappear
from minds and hearts in spring---
Or will the grayness of it all,
teach us, at last, to Sing!

Leaders!  Trust your faith to find the way,
to seek the One Who saves.
He's at the end of time, they say.
At the end there are no graves.................

J A Williams
©2010 J A Williams


©2010 AS Eldredge

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