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Monday, October 26, 2009

Madness Monday: Got My Blood?

As it's close to Halloween and with all the popular vampire books, I just couldn't resist using today's title, Got My Blood.

has been reading about my finds as I dig deeper in to the history of my family. Someone also has a love of genealogy. Someone has my blood, and just like a vampire's bite, I have to have more!

A man who shares my blood has found me through this blog. How much fun! What makes it exciting for me is this man and I share my 4g grandfather, John SIMMONS (1761-1843.) His brief comments last night gave me pause. Pause because I have yet to find any of his descendants from another one of his many children. Well, living.

John was married three times. I come from a son, Samuel, of his first marriage to Mary. His first wife died rather early on and John remarried and had several children with Lucinda. She appears to have died about 1823 or so, and John quickly married wife number 3. Wife number 3, Margaret HARBISON, was a young widow compared to him as she was about 30 years his junior. Yep, he had children older than her. But that's ok. They appear to have made a good life together until his death in 1843.

My new found cousin mentioned he had information on the eight children of John and Margaret. Eight children? Hmm. That's new.

To my knowledge, good ole John sure did like having children as I know he had:

Four with wife number 1 (one died as an infant)
Six with wife number 2 (she had a couple from her first marriage as well)
Four with wife number 3 (she had a couple from her first marriage as well)

Did John and Margaret have other children of which I am unaware? Did they die young as well and that is why the census and her will do not mention them?

Which son of John and Margaret does this new blood cousin descend from? Is it Ben or Gus? I suspect it is not Daniel as I don't think he had a son.

I hope he can solve some mysteries for me. Just like a vampire, I was up all night waiting to share this blood with my cousin.

I hope we'll be up all night together as we devour our shared blood.

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