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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't Take a Break

Ok. I give in!!

I've been taking a short break from genealogy research just to soul search, and, I admit, do some housekeeping.

But the family wants more. My family who is of distant blood, that is. Within the last week, I've received communications from two cousins.

One, whose direct blood line to me starts to wander off before 1800, contacted me this morning with some questions and some finds. I'm happy to hear from her as it has been over a year since we chatted, but that means I have to put up the dust cloth and start dusting off my genealogy gears.

Another cousin generously gave me a subscription to a local historical society in the western PA area. A nice surprise.

So, I'll give in and get back to the real work of genealogy! So much for the extra dust that could accumulate in the house. As long as my head cobwebs are clear, I'm ready.

Bring it on.

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